Cllr Deirdre Alden

Deirdre has been a Councillor for Edgbaston Ward since 1999. During this time she has served in a number of roles on Birmingham City Council and is currently Shadow Cabinet Member for Sustainability. Deirdre lives in Harborne with her husband John, who has been a Harborne Councillor since 1983. John and Deirdre served as Birmingham’s Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress during 2003/4.

Ian Colpman - Chairman

Ian is a devoted member of the constituency association. Over a number of years he has been actively involved in a multitude of campaigns to improve our community. He also takes a great interest in spreading the Conservative message across the city of Birmingham.  Follow @IanColpman

James Boran - Deputy Chairman, Political & Campaigns

James has been on the association's Executive for a number of years, serving a Secretary prior to his current position. He also has extensive campaign experience, having been the election agent for our Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General Election.

Cllr Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett was elected to serve the ward of Edgbaston in 2015, having previously served as a councillor for Stockland Green. He is the Shadow Cabinet Member for Children Services.

Cllr Bruce Lines

Bruce Lines represents Bartley Green Ward.  His father John Lines is also a Bartley Green councillor.

Oli Dixon - Secretary & Social Media Officer

Oli has lived in Harborne all his life. He was educated at King Edward’s School Birmingham, and at the University of Sheffield, where he wrote his dissertation on Parliamentary Procedure. He is currently training to be a lawyer. His political heroes are John Biffen and Margaret Thatcher. Oli feels passionately about localism, decentralisation and abating central government.