Birmingham University Conservative Future

Birmingham University Conservative Future is the student society for all Tory supporters and activists and anyone else interested in conservative politics at the University of Birmingham.

BUCF is the largest political society at Birmingham University, and welcomes a wide range of students with a very broad base of opinions.

The society provides a great networking opportunity for young conservatives to meet other like-minded students, as well as offering a fantastic yearly programme of events, both serious and fun.

Over the course of the past year, BUCF has hosted top MPs and academics (from Sajid Javid MP to Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute), organised a range of social events (from Christmas Dinners to cinema trips), supported the local party during its election campaigns, and attended party and non-party events around the country, and internationally.

BUCF members regularly represent the party in public debates, newspapers and student radio shows, and the award winning BUCF blog gives students the chance to try their hand out at political writing.

Alumni have gone on to work in Parliament, think tanks and across the world of business, and many give credit to BUCF for the contacts and experiences it provided which helped them get there.