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Why Should I Join?

The achievements of Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton’s Conservatives are highlighted throughout this website.  Although many of these achievements are attributed to our councillors this is very much a team effort.  Without the help of our volunteers and members none of our councillors would ever have been elected.

We need your support in order to keep our councillors in office and prevent a return to a Labour led council as we had pre 2004 (please click on the link “Why Vote Conservative” at the top of this page if you are in any doubt that this would be a bad thing).

If I Join What Are My Obligations?

Some of our members join and simply pay their Annual Membership Fee each year and do nothing more.  Others will deliver leaflets in their road.  Some will come canvassing with us, whilst others may decide to stand in elections as our council candidates – however you decide to participate in the Party it’s your choice and we are grateful for whatever you can do.

Are There Social Events?

We have a wide array of social events.  In the past 12 months we have had Association Dinners with the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP and Margot James MP, fish and chip suppers, a cheese and wine evening and curry nights. 

In addition to the above our Supper Club holds 10 dinners a year, each with a guest speaker on a wide variety of subjects.

We are also planning to hold a number of events throughout the year for young professional members of our Association.

Members are under no obligation to attend social events, but those that do often find themselves meeting new friends in the local area as a result.

How Do I Join?

There are a number of 2 ways to join:

1)       Open the PDF file at the bottom of this page, print it and send it with your membership fee to:


Edgbaston Conservative Association

1-7 Langleys Road

Selly Oak

Birmingham B29 6HR


2)       Go to and complete the online form.


How Much Does It Cost?

Annual membership is £25, or £5 p.a. if you are under 23.

Can Joining Save Me Money?

Aside from the benefit of a lower Council Tax which having a Conservative Council will provide, we also have an Affinity Programme to save our members money on purchases from a number of companies.  The Affinity Programme is detailed here


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