Birmingham Bankruptcy - Have Your Say Now

Make Your Voice Heard on Council Tax Rises and Fire Sales!

You will no doubt have heard that Birmingham City Council’s Labour administration have now issued a Section 114 notice, effectively declaring the City bankrupt.

This is a disastrous situation caused by a decade of negligence and a refusal to face up to the challenges of their own causing. Equal pay liabilities caused by the Labour Council discriminating against its own female employees now total over £750 million.

As a result of this, the Government have been forced to send in Commissioners to try and clean up Labour’s mess. We are seeing reports of huge Council Tax hikes and even our local assets being sold off to foot the bill for Labour’s mistakes.

We want to hear from local residents to understand their concerns. Have your say now, before it’s too late. 

Please complete our short survey below. 

Birmingham Bankruptcy Survey

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Following the ‘effective’ declaration of bankruptcy by Birmingham Labour, what are you most concerned about?
Which Council-owned assets would you want to see protected from Labour’s fire-sale?
Which local community facilities would you want to see protected in Edgbaston Constituency?
Labour are expected to hike your Council Tax by up to 15%. What increase would you be willing to pay?

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