Petition Demanding CCTV to Stop Fly-Tipping in the Alley between Four Acres & Six Acres

Dear Resident, 

I am sure you share our anger at the constant fly-tipping and rubbish dumping that happens in the alleyway between Four Acres and Six Acres. It is time for the Council to install CCTV to catch the dumpers and put an end to this constant problem.

Fly-tipping is becoming more and more of a problem in Quinton and across the city of Birmingham.

Unfortunately, the Labour Council's disastrous management of the household recycling centres and the scrapping of the incredibly popular and successful bulky waste collections has only encouraged more fly-tipping in our community.

An effective strategy to tackle fly-tipping and regular collection of waste is a basic requirement for a local Council, but Labour-run Birmingham City Council are failing to get even this basic job right. Unfortunately, this is becoming a far too common story and is symptomatic of Labour's failure to improve our city.

It is time that we demand action from the Council and insist that they install CCTV to catch the dumpers and prevent this from happening in future.

We need your help to make this happen by signing our petition - we cannot allow the Council to ignore Quinton any longer.

With best wishes,

Cllr Dominic Stanford - Conservative Councillor for Quinton Ward 

Connor McCormack - Local Campaigner in Quinton & Harborne 

Petition: CCTV in the Alley between Four Acres and Six Acres

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