Our Election Pledges to You

Why Vote Conservative May 5th 2016

Our 8 Pledges to You:

1 Scrap and refund Labour's 'Garden Tax'

We will scrap and refund Labour's 'Garden Tax' charge for green waste recycling collection and refund everyone who has already paid it this year. We will also scrap charges for bulky waste collections.

2 Introduce 4 hours free parking for district Car Parks

We will introduce 4 hours free parking for all car parks outside the City Centre to help support our local High Streets and shopping parades. 

3 Introduce £100,000 Community Chest fund for each ward

Reinstate Community Chesy funding for all 40 wards in Birmingham, to help provide community groups with funding and support they need to develop local communities. 

4 Provide a dog and litter warden team in every local area of Birmingham

We will create new Dog and Litter Warden posts to tackle the increase in dog messand litter on our streets. Litter has spiralled out of control since Labour axed over 20% of Birmingham's Street cleaning.

5 Build 40 new public square / micro parks across Birmingham's suburbs

We will help restore pride in local areas by turning abandoned pieces of Council land into quality public open space. 

6 A new 'Pride in Birmingham' clean up crew for each local neigbourhood

To help clean our streets up, following two years of Labour failing to pick up litter, we will introduce special clean up crews. 

7 Save our Parks

We will scrap Labour's plans to build on over 8 acres of parkland a year.

8 Save the dog cruelty investigation team

We will reintroduce the dog cruelty investigation team that the Labour Council has axed.