Who Should be Our Next Prime Minster? Have Your Say!

The Edgbaston Constituency Conservative Association has launched an online survey to gather local residents’ views on who should be the next Prime Minister. 

Following the resignation of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party are currently conducting a leadership election to choose the next Party Leader and Prime Minister.

Conservative MPs have narrowed the candidates down to two finalists, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, who will now go head to head to win the support of Conservative Party members before a final ballot which closes on 2nd September.

Chairman of the Edgbaston Conservatives, Dominic Stanford said, "the choice of who will be the next Prime Minister will be taken by members of the Conservative Party, but their decision will effect every single resident in Edgbaston Constituency. 

"Either Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss will be our Prime Minister in a matter of weeks. They are presenting different solutions to tackling the issues we face as a country including the cost of living, climate change and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

"It is only right that residents are given an opportunity to share their views, regardless of how they have voted in the past.

"We have launched a survey to gather people's views ahead of the end of voting on 2nd September. I am encouraging all local residents to take this opportunity to make their opinions heard."

Conservative Party Leadership Survey

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Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister. Which statement best reflects your view?
There are two final candidates in the Conservative Party Leadership Contest - who have you heard of?
Which of the two final candidates would do the best job as Prime Minister?
If they became Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, which candidate would make you more likely to vote Conservative?

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